Well, what do we have here?
Hello. The name's Kara, but I'm guessing you knew that if you're here . I'll find you anything-- people, things, whatever. I get to name the price, though. Pay high enough and I'll look away from what you're doing with what I found for you. But you better be really sure of what you want, because if there's one thing I know-- it's that looks can be deceiving. ((Kara is an OC that will RP with anyone. I track the tag caughtinthenight))
Wishmasterdjinn found the entrance to The Machine.

"Oh. Hello." She turned around to look at the unexpected guest. People were getting in all to often lately. She made a mental note to fix the lock on the door. "Do you need something?" she was glad for the gun at her hip; this one didn’t look too reputable.